Saturday, November 28, 2009



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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Severing a Dendrite

Well... I guess I could wait until it's all over, but I felt like quickly posting this. I'm almost there!! Just passed the 43,000 mark, and I'm feeling good about how the climax of the novel is shaping up. Barring an unfortunate unforeseeable event, I'm certainly expecting to pass the 50,000 goal before my deadline of Saturday evening. Cheer me across the line :)

I don't think I'll share the manuscript with anyone really until I've had a chance to edit it (I haven't really read any of it in fact... :S) but I may post an exerpt when this is all over. Then it's back at Maya! Whoo! Been a while since I did some of that on my own (the directed study is still going and is keeping my toes in Maya, but I want to do a lot lot more come December and into the new year).