Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lab assembly

Getting most of the elements together for the journal cover. WIP render of the stage so far. There's a hamster conspicuously missing here, but it's on the way. Getting the fur/hair system working will be a fun challenge. Nick suggested I use hair instead of fur for more control and faster rendering, and after seeing the difference, I very much agree.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

"Dissect that peritoneum" or "Gallbladder, stat!"

It's crunch time at BMC. In the next ~2 weeks, we got 5 projects due, one exam, one grant application, one committee meeting to arrange, and another project to mostly complete, although the deadline got pushed back, so that's all good. To be perfectly honest, I'd say... half of them are fun. The other half is a bit of a grind. Notice how I used both "half is" and "half are", so I'm sure that one of them are correct.

This is a panel from surgical illustration assignment 3. I did see this procedure in person; three times actually:

It needs to be tweaked (along with the other 5 figures) before Monday, but I'm happy enough with it (relieved may be a better word) that I'm posting it now. If the carpet wasn't grey before, it would be now from the eraser crumbs. One of the panels will get fully rendered in Photoshop for the final assignment.

That's all for now. I'm sure as projects become finished, I'll be posting more frequently. And of course there will be the big reveal for the biocinematics site.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Neuroanatomy concept

My final sketch for neuroanatomy illustration on the blood brain barrier:

Note that this isn't a final piece. I'll be rendering it by importing illustrator paths into photoshop and going to town on it with paintbrushes. It's intended to be a textbook figure. Like most people, I decided to take up the whole page with picture. My textbook wouldn't have many words.

 Fur test and model of a "generator" (in quotation marks because there's no generator that actually looks like this).

I posted these images on facebook originally, but now they're here, for those people that don't use facebook. I've been continuing to try to sort out how best to manage my various "sites". This blog will continue to be the source for all important information, updates, and images. I mostly post links to new blog posts on facebook, but occasionally I'll post a WIP image that may or may not end up on the blog too. I'll post various links and thoughts too sometimes. Just if you're curious about my facebook updates or are worried about missing stuff. :)

My main website is progressing steadily too. Still will be a while before it can go live, but pieces are slowly coming together.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Populating the stage

I've been modelling bits and pieces for my journal cover over the past couple of weeks. If you've been keeping tabs on my facebook page, you may have seen some of the assets I've been working on. Here's a quick render of most of the stuff so far that I threw on a multi-tiered stage, just to get an idea of what I still have left to do (lots). Found out that Cinema4D has a cool watermark feature built into the renderer itself.

And of course the big news is that this blog ticked over 10,000 views, so that was pretty exciting in a... somewhat arbitrary statistical way. But thanks so much again for your views, (family, friends, colleagues, and internet passers-by), it really keeps me motivated to learn, create, and share my work and ideas.