Saturday, July 27, 2013

Updated Demo Reel

I've just uploaded an updated and revised demo reel including some of the better shots from my master's project. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks again to PowersWithin for the fun music.


Friday, July 12, 2013

Recording the Illuminated Neuron - Final Project

My Master's Research Project and indeed the BMC program has come to a conclusion. Without further ado, you can check out the full project here:

Please watch the animation, (direct link: and if you can spare a little more time, feel free to play with the simulator too. I don't expect non-biologists or neuroscientists to understand most or all of it, but hopefully the visuals and interactivity are interesting.

Here's a couple of stills from the animation at very large resolutions. Feel free to download and use as wallpapers etc. (Edit: Okay, blogger apparently has a max res of 1600 on the long edge. Send me an email if you want a larger version... up to 4K).

Now I get to acknowledge everyone like an Oscar speech!
Thanks to Nick, Yves, and Michael (my committee), to all the BMC faculty, my 13 BMC colleagues (very good friends all), members of Yves' lab, my non-BMC friends, all you people that read this blog, and of course my family and Rebecca and God.

Woohoo! Done! What's next? Looking forward to a conference next week that I'm presenting a poster at. I do have some job leads and there is industry day at the end of the month. I'll keep you posted. This blog isn't going anywhere; it's been a terrific outlet for me these past ~4 years and it will continue to be that.

Thanks again everyone, and I hope you continue to check in here and see what the next stage will bring.


A lyrical tribute to BMC

Okay, I'll post up some materials from my MRP shortly, cause I'm done! But first I wanted to just put some lyrics on the page, cause why not.
Presenting: "A Tribute to BMC" to the tune of Paul Simon's Kodachrome (YouTube below, if you're not in the know, and if you are, you can still hit play and sing along). //comments (not lyrics) prefaced with double slashes.

A Tribute to BMC

When I think back on all the stuff I learned in grad school  //*ahem* stuff
It's a wonder I can think at all
And though my lack of fine art knowledge
Hasn't hurt me none
I critique the paintings on the wall

Bee Em Cee-ee-ee  //This is phonetic
You give us those nice bright colors
You give us the research methods
Makes you draw everyone's anatomy, oh yeah  //Provided they stand still
I got a Mac computer  //I don't, I have an ASUS, Corsair, Lian Li, Intel, Windows PC
I love to use the Photoshop
So summer, don't take my BMC away  //Or do, this is just a song

If you took all the art I made
When I was younger
And some of it looks decent, don't you think?  //Operative word: some
I know they'd never match
My sweet communications
And everything looks great in pen and ink  //Hyperbole

BMC  //This sounds the same as the phonetic spelling above
You give us that final gather  //Ambient occlusion would've been great, but... syllables
You give us the verts of Maya
Makes you put particles in all your shots, oh yeah
I got Adobe software  //A lot.
I love to break the picture plane
So summer, don't take my BMC away

Summer, don't take my BMC away (x3)

Summer, don't take my BMC //Sing it out!
Summer, don't take my BMC
Summer, don't take my BMC away

Summer, don't take my BMC
Got to find a job, you see
Summer don't take my BMC away

Summer, don't take my BMC
Summer, don't take my BMC away