Monday, December 12, 2011

Immunology concept (actually no)

Tomorrow is critique, so I've (almost) finished this year's assignments. One major project got extended to the first week of January, so I'll be presenting my WIP for that one. I'm pretty happy with it so far, so it looks okay as a pseudo-final. Still lots to do though.

The project was to work with an immunology professor on one of their research topics and illustrate the science using Illustrator for either a textbook figure, or a magazine spread, or a presentation slide, or something like that. I still need to wait and see if this information is published yet, so I can't post my concept work. I will definitely be sharing it soon.

I can post my final project for Textbook Illustration. Describe and illustrate a pathology. I chose appendicitis, for obvious reasons. Here we go:

Click for the embiggen (I think the etymology is in the vein of embolden). One image in carbon dust, and two in pen and ink. I'm happier with the pen and ink stuff if I'm honest with myself, even though it took a fraction of the time.

Looking forward to Christmas! Flying home in a few days. Then back in January for Surgical Illustration, Communication Technologies (yeah!), History of Medical Illustration, and I think another course, but Calender isn't loading right now. So yeah, looking forward to that too. This has definitely been the best semester of school ever. And that includes kindergarten. No, actually it doesn't, because I only remember like 3 events in kindergarten so it's not a fair comparison.

Merry Christmas!