Thursday, March 7, 2013

RtIN - Second shot

The second shot I've rendered out for my neurophotonics animation shows a neuron firing as the probe enters the environment. It doesn't look very interesting to show an image of the electrical impulse, as it needs animation (and sound) to be believable. So that's why I'm only showing one still and no impulse.

I've gotten some good feedback on this shot from my professor, so I'll be making changes to the look and lighting for the final. But for now I'm working on another shot that takes place at the molecular scale.

I also recently scripted a very simple image plane creation tool, because I don't like using image planes attached to cameras, and it gets tedious to make a poly plane, scale it to the proper width and height, create new UVs, create a new material, add a file node into the color, and browse for the image file. This tool does most of that for you; you just have to enter the pixel width and height of your ref image, and after the plane is created, browse for the image file. If I was going to add more features, I would have a file browser at the get go, and try to read the pixel dimensions from there. But anyway, the script is here: (at the bottom of the page).



  1. That is fantastic. It makes it easier to believe you are almost done your program.

  2. Fantastic. But what sound does a neuron make when it fires? Do you hear an electrical discharge, the mechanical grinding of sodium/potassium pumps, or the rushing current of moving particles flowing through channels...or all of the above with something orchestral in the background? Maybe a snippet from Chariots of Fire folded back on itself? Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. bwj