Sunday, May 26, 2013

RIN - Grooming

A couple more rendered stills. I've got the mouse all behaving and rendered and I'm fairly pleased with it. I wasn't sure how the "glass" idea would actually work with a fully animated mouse. I did have to do some animation tweaks and re-rendering to fix some strange refractive issues, but overall I think it is successful. You'll have to wait to see the animated version for your verdict, but here's a frame (with some motion blur) of some grooming.

And I've composited the microscope with some closeups showing the action in the scene.

Finally, I'm blocking out another shot that's ultimately going to have lots and lots of neurons. These are just some pyramidal cells so far. (Neuron Builder v0.91 worked pretty nicely for this).

I've currently got several shots in various stages of the pipeline, so this week I'm really hoping to tidy up loose ends and get production really focused. May is coming to a close and so I've got just about a month and a bit left in production.


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