Monday, May 12, 2014

Bad auto transcription

I ran a focus group today with a few undergraduate students about molecular visualization. I need to transcribe the 45 minute session, so I figured I would maybe try an automatic transcription to do a rough first pass. Adobe Premiere has a system that can do this and even identify individual speakers. You are able to import a script to help it along, because it's designed to sync your script with scenes shot for a movie, but obviously I didn't have that so I just let it go from scratch. The following is some of the output:

[Speaker 45] it's changed this that this lady
[Speaker 18] and a video or go to whoa and Simone hostage to wear this dress
[Speaker 6] just because the slopes the festival he says it is that in ten states it's a certain action yes and fifty years and when I was contagious there
[Speaker 83] it it it it it it it it it it it
[Speaker 103] and cheese over from a new light [ed. note: there were only 7 people in the room]
[Speaker 6] we know what's happening in Sausalito...
[Speaker 16] ... just can't go to the point and click yes instead you should keep in mind that again that abortion is random it is why is this just call him to stick to the orange blossoms many other things...
[Speaker 51] is so so are our first Easter Specter it to others the demotion of business Marquette but I think mom was looking for the orange market well
[Speaker 25] she texted me today secrets in the Rapids
[Speaker 6] still threatened to compete and then one day to make it
[Speaker 18] who is one of the tragedy of errors or the schnapps they know about Ohio...
[Speaker 9] and how their teacher they die will be different in them isn't it close to him
[Speaker 7] just a mechanism Liverpool cables that seemed so far to a mechanism by which locals
[Speaker 25] cancer with the crops
[Speaker 6] lip and yet you can earn you as the cats family when I go we should sell this theory TTC
[Speaker 20] so nice to see change which was nice to be competing for the weekend
[Speaker 7] Satan and his might just mean all those move around

So it was a pretty good discussion; we learned some very interesting things. Needless to say, I'm going to have to start from scratch myself and leave Adobe to work with defined scripts. But I can't help be curious about those secrets in the Rapids... 


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  1. Too funny.
    Would expect lots of interest in anything that improves speed & accuracy of transcriptions. bwj