Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Molecular Monday Mornings in Maya - and an Announcement

I've started a new series of Maya tutorials on YouTube. I'm not sure how long it'll last, but the first two installments are about using Molecular Maya to work with macromolecular structures.

The first deals with the challenge of importing very large molecular weight structures.

The second is more visually interesting, because we get to render some beautiful atoms.

The main problem I anticipate will prevent me from continuing this series is the fact that I have a NEW JOB! That's right, I will soon be leaving the academic world for the first time since I was a wee tot, and entering the... industry sector? That doesn't quite sound like the right term, but in any case, I will be joining the fine AXS studio. I may have mentioned them quite a while ago on this same blog. I will be employed as a 3D Biomedical Technical Artist, which means I'll get to work in Maya on the things I most enjoy creating.

So how might this prevent future tutorials? Well, so far I've used an educational license for tutorials that I've had access to through my institutional affiliation. But after I leave, I expect I will occasionally get a monthly license for freelance jobs, but mostly I may not have Maya at home. Which is very sad. Maybe an anonymous benefactor could finance a continued subscription for my home use. Anyone?

This also reminds me that I should post some of the freelance work that I've done over the past year. How remiss of me.

Thanks for reading (and watching),

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