Thursday, November 27, 2014

Ant Practice

Some more work on F. polyctena, based on the Eric Keller tut I mentioned in the previous post. Again, this is a practice run through to learn ZBrush and the workflow. I'm expecting to do a more accurate and careful model for the real thing, which, even though I'm paying more attention to the morphology, should go faster, now that I'm getting more comfortable with the program.

Retopologizing the dynamesh down to a cleaner mesh.

Adding some interesting detail.

Painting using photographs of the ant as stencils.

I am also getting quite close to finished my book, in a process I'm calling amateur copy-editing. Just a couple chapters left. So the book should be available Nov 30 as promised. I'm hoping to create a nice cover, but time is short. It remains to be seen whether I will compromise on the cover for the sake of time, put up a placeholder for the time being, or execute with aplomb.


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