Friday, May 22, 2015

SaD - Special Preview

Last week I released my novel Severing a Dendrite. Amazon provides a short sample of the book you can read before buying. However, I want to share the opportunity to read a longer section, five chapters (over 50 pages in the pdf), before potentially buying the book. Here are a few different formats for your reading pleasure.

The Special Preview in PDF

The Special Preview in MOBI (Kindle format; use Send to Kindle)

The Special Preview in EPUB (other eReaders)

If you are wanting to read these previews on a device (or buy the Amazon book), and aren't sure if it will work or how to go about it, send me an email ( and I will help out as best I can.

If you are a non-kindle user and you really want the whole book in EPUB format, shoot me an email ( with a screenshot of your amazon receipt and I'll hook you up with an EPUB file.

Thank you so much to everyone that has purchased the book so far. Of much greater importance than the two bucks I receive, I'm thrilled that someone is reading the story I wrote, and I'm very curious to hear what people think. If you've read all or part of it, I would love a) an amazon review, b) a comment below with your thoughts, or c) an email with your honest opinion.

Thanks again,

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