Thursday, February 26, 2009


OK, so I've got a new blog! Yay... I was trying to create a blog on my own website ( -don't bother going there, there's nothing there), but apparently they don't have the capacity to host one, or I and a fellow computer genius are unable to figure out what's wrong with their poorly designed system. Anyway, what's this all about? Well... not a whole lot yet, but I have big plans which are yet to be disclosed.
(That part is a hook so you'll keep coming back)

I think that's enough completely useless and uninformative information for a first post, so I'll leave you hanging there. Feel free to post comments anyway, because I still have to figure all that UI stuff out and how to delete your comments when I don't like them, etc.

...and I don't really know how to sign this off...


  1. NB I've updated my website to just redirect here for now... I'll get something up there eventually

  2. Sweet you are in the big leagues now. Well, at least the minors.