Saturday, June 18, 2011

June sketches 02

I'm a little behind on my sketching, I missed yesterday (and today) due to various celebrations. Of three siblings, there's three graduations (university and high school) and I just got back from a wedding rehearsal (cousin-in-law)... so I have excuses. But I'll double up on some days so I catch up.
Here's a couple recentish ones.

 From a photograph I took in Uganda

This one started out as car from my imagination, and it ended up in a Cars style... nothing on Pixar obviously, but I thought it was a bit more fun than a boring ol' regular car.

I still need very approximately 17 "likes" on facebook ( in order to secure my coveted so I'm hoping you can help me out :)

Getting closer to finishing my acrylic painting at art lessons... only two more to go, unfortunately. Then I'm on my own again with respect to IRL artwork (IRL = in real life... haha) until September.


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