Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June sketches 03

Continuing on with more sketches... it's pretty fun to sketch while watching TV or whatever, a good habit to get into I suppose (the sketching, not the TV... or computer-streaming-foreign-television). Anyway.

I can freely admit that this is not my foot. It is a representation of my foot, which may or may not have accurate proportions. Don't judge my foot based on this sketch.

 This is some kind of plant I conceived. I'd be interested to hear what a botonist would classify this as. "Just plain wrong" in all likelihood. At least it has stamen. Stamen. Which is an anagram of T' seman. Yeah, that didn't work.

And finally, a portrait. This was a nice-looking young Ugandan guy; I apologize to him for not doing his likeness justice.

It's interesting how the scanner reads in the values... it picks up a slightly different feel than on paper.

Thanks for viewing.

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  1. Starting to look really good. Maybe I see a bit more confidence?