Saturday, June 4, 2011


2 wins away from the Stanley Cup! Whooo! Whatta game! Anyway, you're probably not interested in all that... and I really have nothing else to say. 4 days into my June challenge and I've finished 4 sketches. I'll probably post a few of the better ones (a couple of them I'm not too happy with) pretty soon.

I've also downloaded a 30 day trial of ZBrush (pronounced zed-brush in Canada I believe) which I've only played around with a bit. The interface is very different from what I'm familiar with so it'll be quite the learning curve. No matter, I think I've decided that there are essentially 4 programs that will be most worth my energy to "master"... Maya, Photoshop, After Effects (or Nuke) and ZBrush. These seem to be industry standards and each cover a different aspect of a CG pipeline. Of course it's easy to say I'll just master these incredibly huge programs, but sometimes I get overwhelmed with the number of software packages out there. Of course I often get overwhelmed with how huge each of these packages is too... but I think I started out talking about hockey. Baby steps, right?


PS Yeah, one of these times I'll post a picture. Anyone clicked on a +1 button yet? Also, if you haven't voted on the poll yet, I'm gonna take it down soon... doesn't matter if you're family or friends or a complete stranger, just poke one of the buttons.

PPS Later

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