Sunday, January 29, 2012

Automotive finished

Finished up the old rolls... can't take any credit for the texturing, just a b c following the tutorial, but I think I learned a couple things anyway. And the lighting/rendering was all a preset from the tut. Well, okay, I can't take credit for anything here, but it was a learning exercise, and I quickly got a good feel for modelling in C4D.

Next up is some organic modelling?? Or should I spend time on something else? Speaking of cars... Top Gear is back!



  1. Looks pretty good man, but are the lights supposed to be really off center? Looks pretty odd from this angle.

    Also, TOP GEAR!

  2. The lights are in front of the grill, maybe that's why they look off center.

  3. I mean the bottom two, i can see by looking at the bar they're held up by that they
    're off, left light being much further in toward center. Not a big thing though, especially for a first project with the package, and a first car (far as I know), looks real good

  4. Thanks... the lower lights are extending in front of the bar too, and the bar is in front of the main lights, so they're actually centered too, but you're right, it does look odd. They're mirrored using symmetry, so they should be correct. I can post a top view if you need proof :)