Saturday, January 28, 2012

Car modelling 2

The rolls is coming together... and so is modelling in C4D. I have to say that the tutorial isn't completely working for me though, cause we'll start making a piece and the blueprints are fuzzy and I don't know cars, so it's hard to envision how the piece will look in the end (like the fenders or something). But it's kinda fun at times and it's certainly satisfying to see a model coming together, especially when a strangely contorted piece of geo finds a place and looks automobile-ish.

In other news, my profile has appeared on the BMC website, along with my classmates's. Give 'em a read if you're at all interested. It's certainly a privilege to study with such talented individuals. Click the image below to get to the aforementioned page. The image is serving a dual-purpose as an image and a hyperlink. How convenient.
I've also restarted my personal challenge of reading a book-a-month. January was the Hunger Games trilogy. Okay, so technically that's three books, but they're quite fast to get through, and pretty entertaining. Nothing too mind-blowing, but overall enjoyable. I'll give the trilogy 4/5 stars. I'll probably check out the movie that's coming out too. February book? Not sure yet. I'm currently reading "Lighting and Rendering" and "Confident Color", but I don't think those count as leisure reading.

I'm still working on designing my website, and once I've got something concrete up, well you'll know, because you're all checking on a regular basis, right? No, I was going to say, once that's put together, I'll change this blog style to match the website and be a little easier on the eyes. Hope you're having a good weekend.


PS Oh yeah! The other big news is that I got a new wacom tablet... intuos 4. Can't wait to start doing more photoshop and zbrush work with it.


  1. Grandpa is impressed. He wants a ride in the Rolls Royce when it's done! And double impressed on the open heart surgery! Wondered if it looked anything like his!

    AH and GB.

  2. Thanks! I was thinking of him while watching the surgery. What an ordeal, but amazing how the body can recover after it.

  3. Congrats on the Wacom. How big?